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English translation of this letter:

Re: Formal Notice / Film "Mouchette" by Robert Bresson / illegal distribution

RAR Notice



Further to our telephone conversations, I hereby confirm that Madame Bresson, the heir to the estate of Robert Bresson, demands that all reference to the film "Mouchette" as well as to Robert Bresson — and especially the entire section www.mouchette.org/film — be eliminated from your website.

I remind you that in addition to profiting for your own notoriety from the renown of the film and the character of Mouchette as imagined by Georges Bernanos, you have distributed photos from the film through your website without authorization, and, by altering them, have perverted their nature.

Finally, your site — and especially your quiz — is truly far from the spirit of the film by Robert Bresson, which deals with a serious subject. Madame Bresson considers that this perversion lacks the respect the author would have wanted for his work, and furthermore constitutes a violation of the moral rights of the author provided by the Code of Intellectual Property Law.

Consequently, we formally demand that you eliminate any reference to the film "Mouchette" and to Robert Bresson, as well as any identification of your site with Robert Bresson, in order to avoid any possible confusion, and that this be done by September 9, 2002.

In case of non-compliance on your part within the given timeframe, we will demand that your server immediately cease this illlegal distribution.

May it please you to accept, Madam, the expression of my distinguished salutations.




CC: Mr. Loumiet and Mr. Bongiovanni of CICV / Madame Bresson

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