October 17, 2000


Participating Artists:
Diane Bertolo, Angie Eng and Annette Weintraub

Guest Curator: Helen Thorington in collaboration with Michele Thursz

"BYPATHS" : an exhibit of net works that deal with the subject of impermanence, presented as installations.

Diane Bertolo, whose work explores the relationships to technology of personal, social and cultural constructs, presents "channelUntitled", a work that tunes into spectres that haunt three instruments of communication: the telephone, the computer and the radio.

Angie Eng's work probes the surface of awkward subtleties of everyday life. In "Empty Velocity", a work dedicated to the life of the digital nomad, she combines the forces of technology and the wisdom of emptiness to describe the contradictory nature of life.  >>

Annette Weintraub's projects examine architectural environments as metaphorical spaces. In "Crossroads", she works with images, animation and audio to create layered, simultaneous narratives that explore the capacity of film and advertising culture to shape our sense of time and place.

Helen Thorington is the originator and producer of the turbulence web site, and an artist whose current focus is on distributed Internet performance events and inter medial transformations.

Show Events/Schedule: November 2 - 24, 2000. Tuesday- Friday 10am -3pm
Opening reception: Thursday November 2, 2000 6-9 PM
Thursday November 16 at 7-9pm / New Media Discussion

Michele Thursz, Director

414 Broadway
New York NY 10013